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04 Mar 20
Kids love to play. They love to play any kinds of game - whether indoors or outdoors. However, they prefer to spend more time under the sun. Well, they are kids like that. But as parents, you do not want them to spend so much time outside most especially if you are not around to watch them. With this, what you need to do is to think of nice alternatives.

Summer is probably the first season that comes to mind when one thinks of allergies, and for good reason.

23 Mar 20

The Kodak PlaySport Zx5 HD Waterproof Pocket Video Camera has a lot to recommend it, though it has a few flaws as well.

10 Apr 20

Staying hydrated while being outdoors whether camping, fishing, hunting or what have you is important in more ways than you would think.

24 Apr 20

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24 May 20
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The Benefits of Walking Sticks For Hiking
There are an abundance of benefits in having walking sticks for hiking. Hiking sticks are different than the canes you normally see. For one, they can be much longer than a cane. They don't have a curved handle, but are straight.
14 Jun 20
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Tips to Locate the 100% Perfect Daypack For Your Outdoor Needs
When shopping around for a tough outdoor daypack that you can use to go hiking, hunting, fishing, camping or whatever your needs are, you should focus on a few features of the bag to help you narrow down exactly to what it is you are looking for.All outdoor daypack type bags should be very durable.
14 Jun 20
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The Best Online Sites for Camping Gear
If you've decided that you want to take the family on a trip to some of your state's best nature trails or lakes, you'll need to find the right camping gear to keep everyone safe and comfortable during your vacation.
30 Jun 20
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Why Good Quality Hiking Boots Are A Must For Serious Hikers
If you are going hiking the best advice anyone can give you is splash out and buy a good pair of hiking boots.
18 Jul 20
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Family Camping Tips Make Camping Fun
Loading up the car and taking the family on the road during the summer is an institution. Discovering the joys of seeing new things and getting close to nature make lasting impressions. Here are some family camping tips to help you plan an enjoyable and safe trip.
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01 Aug 20
Playing under the sun is real fun. A day in the beach is every beachgoer's dream, and bringing along a sporty straw beach hat will shelter their heads from too much exposure from the sun that is certain to cause discomfort. These straw hats are everybody's favorite as it is lightweight and stylish, cheap yet very durable, and it simply looks good on anyone.
20 Sep 20
It has been said in a poem that there is no such thing as bad weather and that the sun and the rain are the same as they both are from the glory of nature. Some might really disagree with that assessment. And then there are those that make use of those rainy days by catching the rainwater in water barrels.
14 Oct 20
Many of us have a garden in our homes. Your garden maybe just a tiny little patch, but it is still a garden. With a garden there is a price to pay, and that is keeping it looking great. So you head outside armed with all of your gardening tools and suddenly you're knee deep in dirt, mud and some muck.
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23 Aug 20
The perfect soil does not exist and most gardeners have to make do with whatever nature or the house builder has left them. The soil itself ultimately governs which plants will grow well and anyone who doubts this should try to grow rhododendrons on chalk or lime. This plant and an alkaline soil are quite incompatible. Soils in Britain vary enormously between heavy clays and light sands.
05 Oct 20
For some people, camping is a way to get back to nature while for others it means bringing out the big toys and having some fun. For the people who bring out the big motor home equipped with satellite television, cook tops, refrigerators and other neat gadgets, camping can leave a negative impact on the environment.
08 Nov 20
Teak is a perennial favorite for outdoor furniture. It's dense, has a close grained structure and is an extremely hard wood. It is virtually impregnable to invasion by insects, won't dry out, even in the tepid heat of the Sahara, and it is naturally resistant to moisture. Because the wood contains silica, it doesn't rot easily, nor will it warp, shrink or swell.
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