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October 25, 2020
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Hiking And Camping: A Growing Trend Again

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Are you interested in getting closer to nature? Do you like walking and sleeping under the stars - or under canvas at least? If you do, then a walking or hiking and camping holiday may be just the thing for you. A hiking and camping holiday will get you out in the fresh air, permit you to observe nature first hand and cost you very little to boot. In short, hiking and camping are the ideal blend, if you are looking for a healthy, low-cost break outdoors.

Not only that but you can either go alone with a couple of good books, take a lover, take a friend or take the family with you. All in all, you have many alternatives available to you if you want to trek off into the wild blue yonder on foot.

There are a few of ways of tackling a vacation of this sort. You can either book into a hiking and camping site or you can literally simply head off. If you have children with you then the camping site is a necessity, but otherwise the decision is yours, although it has to be kept in mind, that camping off site is or can be illegal. Trespass is absolutely illegal as is causing a nuisance of yourself, putting wild animals under stress for no good reason, damaging trees or property and littering.

So, if you are new to hiking and camping, you will probably be better off going to a hiking and camping site or park. Do not be put off by this thought, some of them are truly immense. Check out the Poconos and other national parks for instance.

There is no doubt that price is a factor in the choice of a camping holiday for many young people, but it is hardly ever the sole reason why people like to get away and sleep under the stars. Going back to nature and bird- and animal-watching are other common reasons.

If you fancy this sort of holiday, it is worth remembering that hiking and camping have become extremely popular pastimes of late. They always were well-liked, it is true, but they waned in the Eighties and Nineties, and are seeing a resurgence now. Therefore, do your homework, see where you would like to go, get some brochures or look on line and book up early. Yes, nowadays you have to book up early to get into the best hiking and camping sites again.

A final note of warning, if you decide to go off into the wilderness outside a park, let people know where you are. Take your mobile phone and a couple of fully-charged extra batteries and say when you are going to phone in that you are safe and make certain that you abide by it. It is very expensive if Air-Sea Rescue are called out on unnecessarily.


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