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May 24, 2020
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The Benefits of Walking Sticks For Hiking

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There are an abundance of benefits in having walking sticks for hiking. Hiking sticks are different than the canes you normally see. For one, they can be much longer than a cane. They don't have a curved handle, but are straight. They have a much sturdier tip, often times much larger in diameter than a regular cane, so that when you place them on the ground the have a better surface to ground area. Some of them even have a thick rubber end that can grip uneven or slippery terrain. The upper part of the stick, where you hold it, often has some kind of rubber or thick leather, so you can grip it better.

One of the main reasons for buying walking sticks for hiking is that they can reduce fatigue. When going downhill, these hiking sticks can reduce stress on the joints in your legs, uphill, they can transfer some of the weight to you upper body, not only reducing leg fatigue, but also giving you an extra oomph to your ascent. With the use of a walking stick, you will have better balance, especially when carrying a heavy pack. On uneven terrain, patches of snow and ice, they can help make you safe. You can use a walking stick to check out loose rocks, so that you don't slip when you walk, and a can add stability when crossing streams.

In addition, walking sticks for hiking can have a number of accessories. One can buy hiking sticks that have straps to keep your hand in, so the walking stick doesn't get away from you in certain circumstances. They can have emergency whistles, or even a compass attached to them. While most walking sticks are made from solid materials such as wood or lightweight aluminum, others are telescopic, which is convenient for some. This means that you can have a full sized walking stick, and when it is not being used it can shrink down and be packed away.

The nice part about walking sticks for hiking is that they can be as simple, or as decorated as you want. Hiking sticks have been used for centuries, and many have decorations, which can go with your style. Whether is it an 'Old Man of the Woods,' head carved into it, or some kind of Celtic design, the possibilities are almost limitless. If you are someone who like working with wood, you can buy a plain one and create your own designs.

One of the nicest things about these walking sticks for hiking is that they are not that expensive. Some of the simplest products are under twenty dollars. It is important to know that the fancier it is, the more extras is includes, the more expensive it will be. Wood is sometimes cheaper than aluminum, but for those that don't care about being fancy, and just want a walking stick that is functional, a cheaper one can be a good idea. The main importance is that they have a comfortable, easy to grip handle, are made from a sturdy material, and have a flat surface area where the stick meets the ground.


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