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August 1, 2020
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Enjoying the Sun With Your Straw Beach Hat

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Playing under the sun is real fun. A day in the beach is every beachgoer's dream, and bringing along a sporty straw beach hat will shelter their heads from too much exposure from the sun that is certain to cause discomfort. These straw hats are everybody's favorite as it is lightweight and stylish, cheap yet very durable, and it simply looks good on anyone.

These days, straw hats appear in different sizes and shapes. There's a wide variety of straws out there that are very capable of blending even with the brightest of dyes that gives people a wide selection of colors. They are all woven from plant fiber and steam-softened. If you have a thing for anything organic, there are also straw hats that are naturally untreated and are put up for sale usually in its natural colors. The natural fragrance is always welcoming as it is not overwhelming to your senses; it's more like smelling newly-ironed fabrics.

If you are craving for a straw hat, take time to familiarize the different types of straws used. The most resilient and inexpensive forms are the Raffia and Double Wheat types. These are the materials that made up the majority of beach hats along coastline states. Then there's the famous Panama straw with its soft surface feature, where the composition of the materials used can initiate good airflow that gives comfort to the wearer. Most of the time having fun outdoors on a hot summer's day will only get you a sweaty and scratchy head, and the Panama straw is just perfect in this situation.

Buying a straw hat is not as easy as it seems. You have to figure out first what you are looking for in a hat. If you want to wear one for shade on the beach, then you should go for the wide-brimmed hat. If you're out to impress, then examining different styles and fashion would be the best for you. Check out your budget first so you can determine your range. These hats are very affordable, and depending on the style it can also be very expensive. Going for chin cords is brilliant. It's very useful on windy days.

Taking care of your straw hat will go a long way as it easily falls prey to aging and discoloration. You can enjoy it for many summers by constant cleaning and careful storage. Use only soft brush to get rid of the dirt and debris on its surface. Dust and weather can ruin the hat. After brushing, clean your hat using a soft cloth dipped into warm water with a little detergent. With a circular motion, rub the grimes away; do this gently so that the integrity of the hat will be maintained. In nature, straw can be preserved by applying shellac gum resin coating with a brush. This is a good way to hide its age. During storage, you can prevent disfiguring your hat by stuffing tissue paper into it's inside top and store it in a hat box in between uses.

Whether you're enjoying the beach or taking walks under the scorching heat of the sun, always protect your head and body with the straw beach hat. It's durable and at the same time fashionable. When properly cared for, it will work wonders for you.


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